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Week of March 16, 2015

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Lesson Plans Due & PARCC Make-ups

Monday, March 16th, 8:30am

Bullock School

  • PARCC Make-ups will be taking place in Lab #2 & in the Media Center. There will be no book circulation in the AM.
  • We will be running our regular prep schedule this week.

Bulldog Buddies & PJ Drive Reward

Wednesday, March 18th, 8:30am

Bullock School

Don't tell the kiddos yet...we will announce next week. Can't wait to surprise them!

Bullock Garden Team

Wednesday, March 18th, 2:45pm

Mrs. Harris' Room

Class Pictures

Thursday, March 19th, 9pm

Bullock School

  • See email for schedule

CAST Meetings

Thursday, March 19th, 9pm

Small Conference Room

  • BSI will not be pushing in today due to the meetings.

PTO Meeting

Thursday, March 19th, 6:30pm

Media Center

Data DUE - End of 2nd MP

Friday, March 20th, 9pm

Bullock School

  • Math Benchmark Spreadsheets & F&P Levels

Monthly Collaboration Time

Friday, March 20th, 9am-2pm

Bullock School

The sign-up sheet is in the main office...slots are available!

The Curriculum Corner: The Standards of Mathematical Practice

In last week's article, Pam Harris explored SMP #2: Reason Abstractly & Quantitatively. In "math terms" she encourages us to promote quantitative reasoning by providing opportunities for students to contextualize & decontextualize numbers. Two important benefits to this reasoning is that students will be able to apply concepts in meaningful ways & (more importantly) reconstruct faded knowledge by reasoning with the content (Kanold, et al.). According to Kanold, et al., opportunities for students to develop number sense should include activities where students can:

  1. Express Interpretations about Numbers - Equal to/less than/greater than number sets & in context (i.e. pounds, length, etc.)
  2. Apply Relationships Between Numbers - Using the same numbers but in different contexts (as presented in Harris' article)
  3. Recognize Magnitude of Numbers - Is 20 a big number? When eating cheeseburgers it is; when counting stars it is not. The discourse that accompanies this between teacher-student & student-student is essential!
  4. Compute - How many ways can you make the number 42?
  5. Make Decisions Involving Numbers - Is 15 minutes enough time to...? Where is the 5th house on the left?
  6. Solve Problems - Constructing/Deconstructing numeric operations culminates with problem solving activities. This is where explicit modeling should definitely take place & can be the focus of our mini-lessons. This can even be utilized as a "close reading" activity!

This week we explore SMP #3: Construct Viable Arguments & Critique the Reasoning of Others. Click on the link below to read more, and don't forget to share your thoughts via social media, email or in the footer of The Buzz!

The Curriculum Corner Online

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News & Notes

  • I hope each of you enjoyed the series on grammar & the writer's workshop! Stop by the Curriculum Corner on (click the red link above) to see a summary of the series.
  • Please remember to check email regularly throughout the day. This can be done in the AM, during prep/lunch or before you leave at the end of the day. This will help the front office to keep "all calls" to a minimum. It will also ensure that you receive any updates in a timely fashion.
  • Grades 1 & 2: I would like to do our Debbie Diller presentations/Team Meetings together on Tuesday, March 31st. Please let me know if you are able to attend.

You're the Best...Quotes from the staff!

  • Thank you Marian for the student screening reports. You’re the best!

  • Thank you everyone for your support with the pajama program.

  • Thank you to all the custodians for shoveling and spreading ice melt during this crazy winter!!

  • Thank you Nicole for helping me on a really bad day!! You’re the best!!!

  • Kudos to the third grade team, Mrs. Young and Mrs. Brice for making it through this week!

  • Brian for everything that you do!
  • Nicole - Thanks for always working together to get through the day! SWERNER RULES!

  • Thank you to the Bullock faculty and staff for your continuous expressions of caring and kindness. You’re the best!
  • Thanks Kassie & Amy for always being willing to share!!!
  • To Amanda for all your help and support during the parrc and always!

Schoolwide Events

  • 03/02: Scholastic Pajama Drive Begins (3/2-3/6)
  • 03/06: Monthly Collaboration Time
  • 03/09: PARCC Assessment Begins (03/09-03/13)
  • 03/16: PARCC Make-ups (03/16-03/20)
  • 03/23: Parent Teacher Conferences & Book Fair (03/23-03/27)
  • 03/26: 2nd Grade Concert (9:30 AM, Gymnasium)
  • 03/30: ACCESS Testing Begins

Happy Birthday!

  • Melanie Storey - 3/4
  • Lauren Wilson - 3/7
  • Heather Adams - 3/8
  • Bob Sinning - 3/10
  • Steve Hempel - 3/11
  • Kassie Burt - 3/13
  • Lil Bachman - 2/23
  • Kim Tursi - 3/28

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