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Astronomy is...

Astronomy is mainly about studying the stars and basically examining the entire universe. Astronomers study the way stars move, the ways comets react to certain things, study distant planets, study the terrain of different planets, exam neighboring galaxies, the formation of galaxies, they test theories on space craft, study the evolution of stars, and so much more.
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As an astronomer, your life would be like...

The people in this career are usually extremely fascinated with the entire universe, and the way it works and moves around. They think that this is interesting because they want to know how everything works and moves by it’s self, or with the help of other planets, moons, comets, etc. They want to know if there is other life in the universe other than our planet.

What you need is...

Good classes to take in high school are: Math, Science, Computing and Physics

And as far as tech school/college the classes or degree you would need: a PH.D in Astronomy or Physics and you must take the GRE.

The cost is...

University of Maine: $8,370 per year

Total Cost: About 117,000 dollars

Housing for amount of time in college (most are for four years with summers off) = $40,000

Food/groceries for the amount of time you will be in college is included in your housing cost.

Gas money for travelling/helping pay for carpooling during time at college = $ 2,000

Clothing for your time at college = $4,000

Total tuition for total time at college typically 4 years = $60,000

And the: GRAND TOTAL COST OF GOING TO COLLEGE (housing, food, gas, clothing, and tuition), would be about = $ 140,000

You will probably need to apply for loans, financial aid, and/or scholarships, and at least get a part-time job to help with costs.

Just be happy! Money is not the ultimate goal in life, it is to do what you love!

Associated with...

Here are some other good colleges that you could have the option to go to.

1.) AAS- American Astronomical Society:

2.) BLS- Bureau of labor Statistics: science/physicists-and-astronomers.htm

Pros And Cons...


1) You can see beautiful sights every day of your job.

2) You get to learn about the stars

3) You can learn about the history of the universe


1) You may have to work very long hours.

2) You may have to start working in things that you do not enjoy, but it may all work it’s

self out.

Come and work with the Astronomers!

Astronomy! Become one with the lovely universe! Study the stars and become a star!

Do you love star sighting? Do you ever wonder if there is life on other planets? Then Astronomy is the job for you! You can even study astronomy in high school! How cool is that? And you even get to have a PH.d! You will get about 106,360 USD dollars a year!