RHA Weekly Newsletter


Important Updates

I hope all of you have enjoyed your first week back so far. We are all excited for the exciting events coming up this spring semester. Some of the exciting events you can expect this semester include another RHA Week, Tug of War, and the RHA banquet. Even though the first GA meeting is not until next week, we strongly encourage councils to get your own events up and running. And do not forget that we will be having a mock presidential election for this upcoming GA, please be ready to vote!

First General Assembly Meeting - January 25th

This semester, we will not have a weekend semester training. Instead, our first GA Meeting will be extended. Our first GA Meeting will take place on Monday, January 25th, from 8:30-10:00 PM at Morgan D301. For those who do not know, Morgan D301 is the room above Morgan Dining. We are currently looking to start the meeting earlier, but if were are unable to change the time, please arrive on time. This meeting is mandatory for all council members.

President Mock Election 2016

With the 2016 Primary Elections starting next month, we want to encourage all of you to register to vote. As citizens of this great nation, one of our most important duties is to vote and to be informed. Before casting a ballot or picking a political party, we want all of you to know where all of the presidential candidates stand on the important issues facing this country such as the economy, foreign policy, and healthcare. We will be having a mock election during one of our General Assembly Meetings. Please be prepared to make an informed vote. Attached are several resources and websites for you to learn more about the candidates. Winners of each party will be nominated into the final presidential candidate race.




2016 Presidential Candidates

Put Your Events on the Newsletter!

Do you have any pictures from a program you just had or do you want to let the rest of RHA know about a future program? Send any photos or flyers that you have to Josh at josh.veloso@temple.edu to be put in the weekly newsletter

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Please view the OTM Powerpoint that is attached. The form for submission can be accessed through this link. This link is also available on the website. For any questions, please email turha@temple.edu