Solar System Exploration

Sam Harrison

Pre 1900-

About Johannes Kepler

Johannes Kepler is a german astronomer,mathamician and astrologer he was born in December 27 1571 and died in November 15 1630 aged 57.

Main Discoveries

Johanne Kepler a love for astronomy from an early age. He observed the great comet of 1577 when he was six and the 1580 lunar eclipse events that no doubt encouraged his curiosity for sience.kepler is best known for discovering the three mathematicel laws [Keplers laws].Kepler also discoverd the planets movement around the sun in 1609. at that time Nicolaus Copernicus theory was defended by Kepler.

Contribution to Knowledge

This contributed to other astronomers to help them know we orbit the sun and theres a pattern of how the planets move/ orbit

post 1900

About the Hubble Space Telescope

The Hubble space telescope is a telescope that was carried into orbit by a space shuttle in april 1990. it is named after edwin hubble it was built by the united states space agency NASA with conribution from the european space agency hubble was funded in 1970s with proposed launch in 1983 but the project was delayed by technical difficultys

Hubble Discoveries

The most famous discovery hubble discoverd was a tiny speck of sky that revealed a zoo of about 3000 galaxies some as old as 10 billion! hubbles masive discoverie was discoverd in 1995


The hubbles objetive was to take pictures of different galaxies,planets and stars

Technologys Used

The technologys that were used was was glass and mirrors for the telescope and steel also a the shuttel