Lesson Plans

October 17-21, 2016

Readers' Workshop

Open Court Phonics

Daily routine:

Review sound/spelling cards with chants and motions.

Card 62 review /z/ spelled z, zz, and _s

Card 64 Review /g/, /j/, /u/, /z/ sounds

Card 67 /ks/ spelled x

Card 68 /l/ spelled l and ll

Making Words

Students will start by placing all cards in ABC order. This is difficult for a few of my intervention friends.

Students will then take out the cards to be used for the day's lesson as the teacher instructs.

Students will then make words as the teacher dictates. Students will use their word power arms to motion and chant the word and sounds in each word after it is built with letter cards.

Students will be given hints at the end for making the mystery word with all letter cards.

Shared Reading

Day 1 Focus - Book Introduction & First Reading During the shared reading, cover a few words to have students practice cross-checking sources of information (MSV) for tricky words. Remember to do something at the end of the book. Retell, read a favorite part, or reread the whole book.

Day 2 Focus - Second reading - Cross-checking sources of information for tricky words.

Day 3 Focus - Third reading - Word Study

/k/ spelled ck and k

Day 4 Focus - Fourth reading - Fluency and phrasing; changing our voice to show the character's emotion

Day 5 Focus - Fifth reading - Rereading to increase fluency. Cover some words and have students use meaning or picture clues to guess the word.

Mini Lesson

We are continuing our nonfiction unit with Lucy Calkins Units of Reading

Session 9 - Readers Check that words they read look right and make sense; doing a slow check

Session 10 - Readers Learn new words as they read Use Your Skin and Bones book to highlight new vocabulary

Session 11 - Readers find and think about key words Use The Amazing Human Body book to find key words

Session 12- - Rereading a page to find the just-right sound

Writers' Workshop

Nonfiction writing

Students will continue to work on their nonfiction book projects. Students have read LOTS of nonfiction books over the last two weeks. They are choosing topics that they want to teach others about. We will be referring back to the different conventions of nonfiction that we can include in our books, such as table of contents, key words, pictures, close-ups, etc.

Read Alouds

Mathematicians' Workshop

Number Talk

Daily Math Routine:

*Number Talk with visual images powerpoint

* Problem solving with word problems

Students will solve problems in journals and share how they solved it.

*Eureka concept lessons

Lesson 19 Commutative Property

Lesson 20 Using the larger addend to count on; reinforcing commutative property

Lesson 21 Doubles and doubles +1

Lesson 22 Using the addition chart to look for patterns

Lesson 23 Addition chart...looking for problems with the same total

*Math Centers

Counting collections

Sneaky Snake, Five in a Row, Nickelodeon, Sum Swamp


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