New Democratic Party


New Democratic Party

History of New Democratic Party:

Past Leaders:

Tommy Douglas (1961-1971): Founding leader, know as the Father of Medicare, and voted the “Greatest Canadian” in 2004.

David Lewis (1971-1975)

Ed Broadbent (1975-1989)

Audrey Mclaughlin (1989-1995)

Jack Layton (2003-2011)

Current leader: Thomas Mulcair (elected in 2012 in March)

Founded in: 1961

Influential Leaders:

1.)Tommy Douglas: was a champion of social democracy, served as premier for 17 years, led the first socialist government, and founded the NDP.

2.)Ed Broadbent: was the first leader to take NDP to first place in public polls and was one of the most liked leaders.

3.)Jack Layton: won 103 seats for NDP and was elected leader on the first ballot.

There are 95 seats in NPD

Orange is the colour that represent ND

NDP Ideology:

  • Equal rights for everyone in Canada

  • Reducing poverty in Canada

  • Raising the minimum wage in Canada

  • Improving and expanding healthcare

How Many Seats In The House of Commons:

The NDP hold 95 seats in the House of Commons

Party Logo:

Part Slogan:

The NDP’s slogan is “Change That’s Ready”.