Respect. To get it, you must give it.


This utopia is all about respect. In Respectville everyone is respectful of others. This means that there is no murder, no vandalism, and no robbery. Here, respect goes hand in hand with being selfless.

Respect also includes respecting yourself. Everyone in this society is happy about who they are, and they wouldn't want to be anyone else.

Reasons for Existence (4a)

One of the biggest problems of our world today is lack of respect. For example, no respect for people's property leads to vandalism. Respectville was created with the idea of a perfect balance between selflessness and respecting themselves. Respect is for everyone: Your neighbors, and... YOU!

Community Members (4b)

The citizens of Respectville consist of those who are sick of selfish, non appreciative people. They want to be surrounded by those who are considerate and kind, and lift them up rather than weighing them down.

Every one in the society is friends with the other and nobody is ever mean or sarcastic (that would be disrespectful)!
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American Dreams and Novels (4c)

This utopia is a great representation of the American Dream. Everyone is happy all the time and there is no crime of any kind. Citizens are kind and considerate, and because of this, everyone has an equal opportunity to thrive.

Without discrimination, robbery, murder and other terrible things, there is nothing to bring people down in this society.

Comparison to Farenheit 451 (4d)

Respectvile is definitely more different than similar to Fahrenheit 451. There is a huge lack of respect in the society of Bradbury's book. The firefighters do not respect properties that contain books, because they burn them down without permission. Also, in ..., there is a lot more freedom than there is in Fahrenheit 451. Books are allowed and because of all of the respect, there is not need for a jail or strict government.

However, despite these differences there are some similarities. For example, Montag really respects Clarisse. He sees something completely different from the rest of society in her.

Disclaimer (5a-e)

There could be many problems with this utopia. For example, people could get sick of being respectful all of the time. Also, there would be no sarcasm, which is a huge key to certain people's personalities. These two issues can be easily fixed if sarcastic people learn to be more respectful, and people realize that even though respect isn't the most exciting thing it is preventing crimes and other bad aspects to the society.

If a person wants to leave the utopia they are welcome to. This is because we, as a society, RESPECT people's wants and desires. People leaving will not affect our society in a negative way.

If someone is not respectful, they are given another chance. If it happens again (which is extremely rare) they are not arrested or killed, but simply (and respectfully) asked to leave.

This might be considered a dystopia to:

  • Sarcastic people
  • Criminals
  • Sports fans who like to yell at the other team and the referee
  • Bullies