GCAHS Student Council!

A great oppertunity to get involved in GCA / your community!

About Us:

  • Student Council is a fantastic way to get involved in your community, at GCA, and beyond! You can go from planning events, to making newsletters, graphic designs, volunteering opportunities and so much more! Also, who can forget about the student council looking great on your college application!

  • The Student council is for anyone to join! We have four committees you can join (Service committee, Public relations Committee, Social Committee, and the Newsletter committee.)

  • The Student Council is a group of GCA High School students, who work extremely hard to encourage, motivate, and help our peers through GCA! All the way to the Diploma! Not only it brings out leadership skills, but it brings us together as a team, to help succeed academic goals, now and in the future! On behalf of the entire Student Council, we thank you so much for your time and participation! We are looking towards a great year with all of you here at GCA. YOU GUYS ROCK AND KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!

Gurenteed to be exciting and fun for all.

Freguently asked questions:

How can I join the Student Council? Kmail your HR teacher for more information to join.

How many committees can we join? You can join all of them! Make sure you have the time to do so.

Do we need to pay for anything? No. Its totally free!

What are the committees? There is the Service Committee, Public relations committee , Social committee, and Newsletter committee. All four you can join!

Thank you!

Thank you so much for taking your time out and for reading this. Please kmail your HR teacher for more info!
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