Service Learning

By Vaylen Wilkerson

What did we do?

We created a fundraiser for the Exceptional Children Program at Mooresville Middle School so we can buy them material they need (smartboards and playground equipment). In total, we raised $928.85.

What was the Penny War?

There were 14 jars, 2 for each team, where you'd put coins in to see who got the pie in the face. The more pennies the jar had, the more probability that they would get pie in their face. However, you could counter it by putting silver coins (nickels, quarters, and dimes) in. We raised a total of $81.60 doing this activity.

What was the Relay Race?

We would decide to have 8 teams (which turned out to be 6) in total so we could have a sponsor and concession area to raise money. The teams would race against each other, all having sponsors, and people could buy food and drinks from the concession stand. There were jobs here, you could be a photographer, a cashier, a DJ, and more. We raised $221.25 with concessions.

What was the sponsoring?

Since there were teams for the Relay Race, you could put in money for your name to be in a drawing to win a gift card (of $25). If your team won, you'd get a chance of getting that gift card. Out of sponsoring, we raised $626.

What did I learn?

I learned that even if this sounds cheesy, working together can actually accomplish a lot. We helped the Exceptional Children Program at our school and I feel good that I helped contribute by being a volunteer and cheering on others.