Sherman's march

The violent march through Georgia and SC.

What was Sherman's march?

  • Sherman's march was the march to sea. The Union General William T. Sherman led over 60,000 Union soldiers from Atlanta to Savanna Georgia to frighten the civillians and get rid of the confederate cause.
  • Sherman's march never destroyed towns but the soldiers in Sherman's march stole livestock and food and also burned the houses of those who fought back.
  • After the "attack" on Savanna Georgia, Sherman led his men to Charleston South Carolina where a lot of southern pride was held.


  • William T. Sherman led this destructive march to rid the confederate pride. Since the attack on Atlanta, where the Sherman and his men captured on September 2nd 1864,where a lot of southern and confederate pride was promoted the confederate army made their way to Tennessee and Alabama attacked Union supply.
  • Sherman knew that the strength from the confederacy did not come from the fighting forces but from the support of the South. He then decided to make his march to sea by a tactic called total war.

this shows more destruction on property.


I chose these specific pictures because they show all the destruction that William T. Sherman led. This man was relentless when it came to showing the confederate army what they in his terms "deserved". He was also a great general though cruel.
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This picture showed the route he led his army through

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This shows Sherman's army.

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This shows the buildings in ruins

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This shows the burning of houses that was destroyed.