Native Cultures of Australia- Kross

Where do they live?

The Aborigines live in Tasmaini , which is in Australia in The Outback in homes made of sticks

From where did they come?

The Aborigines came from Europe 50,000 years ago.

Modern Facts

The Aborigines play soccer and rugby. There are now about 400,000 Aboriginal people in Australia.

historical facts

The Aborigines suffered many diseses in 1788 . Australia oldest continent.

Fun Facts!

The Aborigines are about 2% of Australia's population.

The British sent their worst criminals there so they could not escape.


The Aboigines use boomerangs, wooden tools, digging sticks, and spears.


The Natives of the Outback eat what ever they can catch,and they have simple meals.

Summary of what I have learned from this research.

The Aborigines of Australia are a enjoyable group to research. I learned many facts, but the three that i found most interesting were their tools, their animals, and their food.

knowing what i do now about these people, I would want to learn more about their animals because I think they are interesting.