How to Train a Pitbull or two


How to train a pitbull

You put your dog away from his or hers food bowl and say "STAY Stay "then if he or she doesn't stay you go over to the dog and say bad boy or girl and go back and repat untill it stays then get some dog food in your hand and say there name also put a bone in it's bowl if he or she is really good.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dogs with treats

When you give your dog a treat you make sure you tell your sibiling to back away and if you dog has a big bone all of you back away if he or she gets a small bone you can probably get it away from the dog.

Your dog barks at nothing

If your dog barks crazy then you should NOT get a barking collar because it don't work .and tell your mom to get a house with a huge yard with a FENCE? now get one of these long leash and your good to go here's one IMPORTANT MESSAGE have dog treats and bones outside away from the dog but only if the dog is good or has done a trick. thanks for listen outside.
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I hope you smile from all these messages
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Bacon Bits

ps make sure you back away from your dog if he or she has a treat
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good doggy

make sure you wash your dogs fur every once in a while
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bad doggy

make sure you put your dog in the cage if the dogs bad don't give them a treat

fun facts

  • this can be for all kinds of dogs but not tea cup puppies
  • do alot of tricks and feed them 2 times a day
  • don't feed him alot and make sure you dont keep them in your roomkeep in cage and just in case a bad guy comes the dog will bark LOUD
  • walk your dog sometimes and keep them company!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!