2015-16 End of the Year Reflection

Building a Longterm School Plan

Moving from...

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Overall School Year Rating: Developing

"Leadership begins when you take something apart and start to rebuild it to make it better." --Andy Stanley

Developing Year

  • Major Systems Shifts (Reading Instruction, Math Instruction, Morning Routine, Behavior, Development of Common Assessments, PLC's, Interventions)
  • Facing the harsh reality that our instructional practices yielded a Needs Improvement status. I truly believe that our past performance was a direct result of extremely talented teachers doing the best they knew, but eventually that talent could not carry us any further.
  • Building our Great Teachers to become Great Common Core Teachers

DCPS School leaders improve instruction to enable teachers to teach at their best and students to learn at their utmost

  • Development of K-5 Common Assessments
  • Digging deeper into standards: Refining essential standards identifying secondary and tertiary standards
  • Implementation of Eureka Math (truly teaching math to the Core)
  • Total Shift in Reading Instruction (Thinking Strategies, CAFE Strategies, Direct Reading time, Focus on DRA Assessment K-2 and IRI 3-5)
  • Development of Literacy Framework

Next Steps

  • Refinement of Math and Reading Instruction
  • Implementation of Guided Planning in Reading
  • Implementation of DRA testing 3-5
  • Implementation of Lucy Reading
  • Begin examination of K-5 Writing instruction (Implementation of Lucy Writing)
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DCPS leaders shape a vision of academic success for ALL students, one based on high standards.

  • Co-Teaching in 4th and 5th grade Special Education
  • Co-Teaching intervention in 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade
  • Eagle Time Interventions based on Common Assessments
  • Development of a systematic Summer Learning Plan
  • Examination of Retention Data at AES and research on its impact

Next Steps

  • Refinement of Eagle Time Interventions
  • Development of A Team (Focused on K-3)
  • Addition of Co-Teaching in 3rd grade and 1st and 2nd when appropriate
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DCPS School Leaders manage people, data, and processes to foster school improvement

  • Data Dashboard
  • Use of multiple data points to make instructional decisions
  • Shift of Title I funds from classroom teachers to school-wide supports
  • WLES/AES Learning Meetings
  • SBDM Policy Updates

Next Steps:

  • Triangulation of data in Reading (MAP, DRA, Teacher Gut) and Math (MAP, Teacher Gut, and ???)
  • Personalized Learning for Teachers
  • Implementation of DRA 3-5

DCPS School Leaders cultivate leadership in others so teachers and other adults assume their part in realizing the school system

Next Steps

  • Refinement of Induction Plan
  • Development of a Transition Plan for Several Key retirements (12 possible retirements in the next 4 years)
  • Work with Heather Nally

DCPS creates a climate hospitable to education in order that safety, a cooperative spirit, and other foundations for fruitful interactions prevail.

  • Tweak of Behavior Plan
  • Shift focus to positive behaviors
  • Shift of PTO from Hierarchy to Board

Next Steps:

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"Great Leaders are constantly challenging the Status Quo. How do I make our organization become better, faster, and greater?" --Andy Stanley

What are the most important issues facing your school in 2016-17 and what can the district do to support your efforts

Our biggest issue is the continued growth of our instruction to the depth of Common Core.

  • Continued support through quality professional developments
  • Instructional learning for Instructional Coaches
  • Continued support from CO

Summer Schedule

Official Last Work Day: June 10th

Off the Grid: June 18 - June 25th (in and out of school to check on construction progress on other days)

Back to School: July 6th