Turbulent Flow vs Laminar Flow

Laminar Flow: Laminar flow or streamline flow as its also referred to is when a fluid, either a liquid or gas travels in smooth parallel layers without any interruptions between those layers. In laminar flow there or no crossing drifts between the direction of flow and that's why there or no eddies that occur in laminar flow.

Examples of Laminar Flow

Laminar Flow Demonstrating Fluids Flowing in Layers

Laminar Flow
Turbulent Flow: The opposite of laminar flow. Turbulent Flow or turbulence is the flow of a fluid in which its velocity travels in an irregular motion. In turbulent flow there are constant interruptions, when those interruptions occur it causes eddies and eddies occur when a moving fluid passes an obstacle.

Examples of Turbulent flow

Turbulent Flow Inside a Pipe

Turbulent flow in a pipe