Thomas Jefferson

The road to freedom

Have you ever written a long, hard, and tiring research paper or document? If you think it is easy think again. Thomas Jefferson spent days writing the most important paper in history, The Declaration of Independence. Thomas Jefferson was born on April 13,1743 in Shadwell VA. Jefferson's father died when Jefferson was just 14 years old, yes very sad. (Cook, 76-77). Jefferson was a slave owner himself believe it or not (Cook, 77-79). Thomas Jefferson was also a very wealthy lawyer. He was well known and had many job offerings at the time (Cook 79). Thomas Jefferson played an important role in the Revolutionary War by helping the colonies protest, being apart of the first continental congress, and being the author of the Declaration of Independence.

Sons Of Liberty

  • Founded by Thomas Jefferson and Patrick Henry
  • Started in New York and had other colonies follow in Jefferson's footsteps
  • Colonists wanted to be treated fairly and wanted some control over laws and taxes
  • Made it a very secret organization
  • Careful not to keep rosters of members

First Continental Congress

  • Central government that met in America
  • The delegates wanted King George and parliament to end his harsh policies
  • Wanted to restore harmony
  • The delegates urged colonists to stop buying British goods
  • Almost had to vote on having a second continental congress

Author of The Deceleration of Independence

  • Was the last person to be asked to write the Deceleration
  • Finished the Deceleration on July 4th
  • Deceleration was known as Jefferson's best known work
  • Was Govoner of Virginia at the time
  • Took a leading roll in the congress