Lord of the Flies

Evil is always present in the human mind

Boys that get trapped on an island from a plane crash soon have to learn how to fend for themselves, even if they are unprepared. They first establish a leader and rules to keep them safe and sane. these rules end up breaking in the worst way possible. In the book, the boys go from civilized to savage, the longer they are trapped on the island. They turn on each other and eventually turn their backs on themselves. After the fighting, killing, and anger rolls over, it just leaves behind boys that have lost their innocence. This book teaches you that, to have civilization, you must have rules.... and these rules must be followed. It is the story that keeps you guessing who the real monster is in life.

William Golding History

This book was written by William Golding who was alive at the time of World War II. the Germans and the Nazis were fighting to take over. He wrote this book to remind people of the war and how evil can be brought out everywhere and in everyone. When he learned about the Holocaust like everyone else, he despised the Germans. He also wrote this book to inform people that evil can not be stopped, but it can be tamed. Not all Germans were killers, but many of them were Nazis.

This book will keep your eyes locked from the beginning to the very end..... every one who read it said they loved it... so why don't you?

The only person who says they don't like Lord of the Flies, is a person who has never read it before.