To Know About HDMI Cable Lengths

HDMI Cable Lengths

Something many people don't think about until it is too late is long HDMI cable lengths. While it might not seem important to you when you buy all of your new equipment, it will become incredibly important when you can't get the distance you need from your cables.

When you look for longer cables there are a few things you need to know. In this post we're going to detail everything you need to know about long HDMI cable lengths.

What Does HDMI Spec Say About HDMI Cable Lengths

This one is very simple: nothing!

Many people have heard that the HDMI specs state that a maximum HDMI cable length should be 15 feet, but that isn't the case. There really isn't any specified length of HDMI cable – different cables can send a HDMI signal across different lengths.

The potential distance that a HDMI signal can travel all comes down to the quality of the cable itself. There are certain ways that you can ensure that your HDMI cables have an incredibly strong cable length.

What About HDMI Boosters

One way to increase your HDMI cables length is to use a HDMI booster, these can really help to increase your signal range. On the main website you can find a number of different solutions with boosters and amplifiers which help to extend the range of your HDMI cables.

What About HDMI Over Cat 6

If you are looking to extend the range of your HDMI cable up to 50 meters then you can do so using a cat 6 networking cable. These work alongside special adapters which are designed to allow the cable to carry HDMI signals. While some people may suggest that you use cat 5 cables, it is well advised for you to use cat 6 cables instead thanks to its tighter manufacturing tolerances.

What About HDMI Over Coax

If you are looking to extend your High speed HDMI cables then one option you would be well advised to try out is HDMI over coax.This works by using a transmitter/receiver pair which converts HDMI signals so that you can transmit them over RGBHV or RGBS coaxial cables. This can allow you to extend the reach of your HDMI up to 300 feet at a resolution of 1080p.

What About HDMI Over Fiber?

If you really need an extremely long range for your HDMI cable lengths then the best option must be HDMI over fiber optic cables. These cables can give you incredibly long HDMI cable lengths which will be much more stable than other solutions. It is possible to achieve a distance of up to 100 meters of more using HDMI over fiber, making it a great option.


If you are looking to put together an awesome HDMI set up using extremely long HDMI cable lengths then these are the best options for you. It is worth looking through the kind of cable lengths you will need before settling on the best option so that you know it will work for your needs. All of these options are available right now over on the main Brightlink Cables website