Tyler Lozes

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Chaco sandals are made from four major components, which can be broken down into materials and processes. There is the shoe bed, made up of synthetic(fake so its not actually extracted from a tree) rubber and polyurethane, which makes up the majority of each 29 oz. shoe. There is a single strap made of polyester(coal, air, water, and petroleum.) webbing and finally a small plastic buckle.


Typically my chacos are used just like any other shoe. I'll wear them to school or I'll wear them to the beach or maybe even on a hike. I like these a lot because they act as sandals but produce like shoes. You can run, bike, and even swim in these. If you dont own a pair I highly recommend getting some.


To reduce the environmental impact of used rubber chacos and recapture some of their value there has been a recent increase in the market for post consumer chacos. They are used for a variety of applications including: noise barriers, artificial reefs, fuel, Earthship houses, road paving mix, sports surfaces, roofing, solid rubber wheels, shoes and more. Throughout the process of break down, yes I'd say rubber is toxic to the environment BUT chaco is finding ways to re-use instead of just get rid of or reduce the usage of materials. As far as it goes for the polyester strap, you can recycle that and use it in a clothing item or you can make a rope of some-sort.

Re-use pt 2

Again, as I stated above, chaco has a variety of ways they advise their consumers to do-away with these shoes after their time is up. EX: Road paving mix, roofing, solid rubber wheels, shoes and more. These are just a few of my favorites.

R, R, R

1. Id rank reducing as the first component to a cleaner Earth because if we simply reduce the use of the toxic materials then slowly we can make the Earth healthier.

2. Id rank Re-using as the second component because if you are going to use something that is toxic when it decomposes then you might as well find a way to use it again instead of recycling it and letting the Earth hurt itself.

3. Lastly, Id say recycling is the last get out. If you have used materials that are harmful and cant find a way to use them again then for one you shoudnt have bought it in the first place and secondly you should have thought about how long this item would make you happy before harming mother Earth.


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