When you Reach Me

by: Rebecca Stead

"The most beautiful expeirience we can have is the mysterious." - Albert Einstien


this book is about a twelve year old girl named Miranda lives in new York city, she is getting her mom ready to be on a 1970's game show the 20,000 dollar pyramid.but at the same time she is also getting a series of mysterious notes,from someone she doesn't even know, meanwhile she has to worry about her friend Sal who wont hang out with he anymore and her new job working at jimmy's and making deli sandwiches with her friends Annemarie and Colin who seem to really like each other. throughout the book Miranda is trying to figure out where these notes are coming from while trying to keep her job,do good in school,keep her friendship with Sal and help her mom win a game a game show.... seems impossible.but she somehow manages to do it all. "not bad for a days work, not bad at all."
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i chose this book because it was based in the 1970's and a lot of historical events happened such as the beatles breaking up and the womens liberation. so i was very curious. my favorite part of the book was when Miranda finally found out who the notes were coming from. in my opinion the book is very mysterious. some reasons why i like this book is because it had a great twisted ending and it kept me interested throughout the climax of the story.i would recommend this book to somebody who loves science and the idea of time travel.

overall i would rate this book a five out of five because it had great characters and a fantastic ending with a major twist.

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When You Reach Me Book Trailer