DNA Fingerprinting

By: Maddie Easterling and Andreina Espiga

What is DNA Fingerprinting?

Well DNA is the carrier of genetic information. So DNA fingerprinting, which is also known as DNA typing, is a DNA-based identification that relies on genetic differences among individuals or organisms.

What is DNA Fingerprinting used for?

The test is used to determine whether a family relationship exists between two people, to identify organisms causing a disease, and to solve crimes. Only a small sample of cells is needed for DNA fingerprinting.

Who discovered DNA Fingerprinting?

In September 1984, a geneticist from the University of Leicester in Great Britain, named Dr. Alec Jeffreys, was studying hereditary diseases in families. He was focusing on methods to resolve paternity and immigration disputes by demonstrating the genetic links between individuals. He ended up developing techniques for DNA Fingerprinting.