Inquiring And Analyzing

Criterion A


In this project all eight grader student and I will be investigating about a toy. The advantages of making a toy is you can entertain people or young people, when playing a toy we need to make sure that they will enjoy with it and some time it also give a positive impact such as when they play it can help them stay still be happy and also quite too. In this time I am very focusing on make the toy for the primary students from the age between 8 to 10 years old. In this case I also need to research about toy when it start and also about why some toys are very famous such as NERF or Action Figure toy and why people very like it a lot, in our primary school age our brain our brain is keeping developing and give out a toy also make them increase their knowledge or brain skill too so in the future they have enough skill to solve.

Definition/Key word


- Something new and different

- What did toy get improve from one year to another year


- Making something for a purpose

- What is the purpose of a toy make for why people make it


- Is it easy to use for comfortable or not

- Is a toy easy to play or comfortable to play or not

Toy research


In this Primary Research I will interview my cousin the age of 12

What is toy?

-Toy is a thing or object that create for people playing in any ages.

What do you like about toy?

-It depend on how the toy look like for example having more function and also some movement.

What does toy help you with?

-Toy help you with your brain to improve and also developing your imagination, so your skill in thinking will be increase.

How does it attract people to want them?

-In every toys always have one thing that people want about them such as some toy that can't move but the design is awesome that also one of the reason that people might want them and the other reason is if it useful or that toy can use more function it also get people attention too.

Secondary Source

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Toy Sample

Sample Toy #1

This is a toy that made out of a rubber and this is one of the famous character is the toys story and as you can see this toy is very creative and also colorful but I don't think most of the kid will like it because can only stay in one place and it doesn't, sometime it is not safe for kid because in some reason this toy kid like to play or put in their mouth and in my opinion I don't think that this toy is safe for kid to play, the purpose of this toy is to show and or to put in one place and make it look nice.

- Invention: this toy it's not invention because from one year to another year it haven't improve yet.

- Function: the purpose of this toy is to let the customer buy it and organize for make it look better.

- Ergonomic: I think it is ok it doesn't harm too much if we be more careful.

Sample Toy #2

A robot toy, this is one of a useful toy in the world a lot of creator created this toy to help in any different thing and now the technology is improve a lot so some country make a toy to do there business or help them with work.

- Invention: A robot toy always have improvement from one year to another year.

- Function: The purpose of this toy is we can use it many different way.

- Ergonomic: For me I think it yes very comfortable to use we know how to use it correctly.

Sample Toy #3

This is a Lego Toy, most percent of the kids around the world all like this toy because it is an imagination toy, we can create other characters that we like or your favorite character, and there is a contest in many different countries such America and other.

Design Brief

In day life the technology keep improving, toy also count as one tool or object of technology too, some people creating a useful toy to use it in many ways such as a robot, and the robot might help people a lot in future too such as put in everywhere for helping people or just a robot that help people in business. In this project I also decided to create a toy that can be help people in daily life a lot, and also can be useful for some people too.