Room 113 News January 31st

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Parent Survey

If you haven't already done so, please complete the parent survey published last week. To those families that have already responded, thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts. Click HERE

Thank you Mrs. Dean

On Friday, Ocean's Mom, Mrs. Dean came to read a story to our class. She also talked about her job and the importance of multilingualism.
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From Ms. Thomas, Our Counselor

This week in Guidance the 2nd graders are continuing to learn about managing strong emotions. They are learning that negative self-talk can make strong feelings even stronger. When you feel worried or anxious about something, calming down helps. Using positive self-talk can help you calm down. We will also discuss how positive self-talk can also help you stay focused and on-task at school. Students will be able to generative positive self-talk they can use to calm down and stay on task in response to scenarios.

What has our class been learning?

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Reading Celebration February 10

Our class will celebrate our hard work in reading on Friday February 10th. Students may wear their pajamas. More information TBA.