Daily News letter

Aliya Monks

Missouri Compromise

Henry Clay has confirmed The Missouri Compromise. Missouri is now a slave state. Yes you read that right. Missouri is now a slave state and Maine will now be entered into our union as a free state just to keep the balance. Even though our leader said no state above the southern line will be a slave state. Missouri is well above the line. However we still have a balance so that’s good.

Cherokee resistance

The indians are fighting back. They are showing us their man power. They will not stand for all this nonsense. They will just not stand for any of this. I think it is completely natural for them to fight back. I think we should leave them be however because they deserve to stay where they are.

Bank War

The bank war has been going on for awhile now. Hamilton wants a sort of all in kind of bank. This being said he wants a national bank. jefferson wants a more for the people by the people sorta thing. He wants state banks. I personally agree with Jefferson. He has a major point. The banks are for us. Not to mention the National Bank gives the government to much power. That’s my thoughts what are yours? Have an opinion contact 1-800-NEWSPAPER.

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Indian removal act

The Indian Removal Act is forcing Natives to move west. Many of the Natives have always lived in the same place for years upon years. They are being forced to move because we want richer lands. Call me opinionated but that’s not fair. What if someone kicked us off our land because they wanted the rich land we lived on? We wouldn't agree with it. I think it is messed up honestly.
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