All the facts you need to know

It's transmitted through unprotected sex. And ejaculation does not have to occur to be infected

SYMPTOMS: symptoms usually develop within the first ten days of infection, but sometimes they may not appear until months later

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1 in 10 men and half of infected women will not experience any obvious symptoms straight away which means symptoms can go untreated for some time

male symptoms include

- Pain or burning when urinating

- Thick yellow/ green discharge from the penis

- pain in the testicles

Female symptoms include

- heavier periods or bleeding in-between periods or when having sex

- pain or burning when urinating

- vaginal discharge

where gonorrhoea is in the world

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for women

- can experience ectopic pregnancy

- sometimes infertility

- in 10-20% of cases gonorrhoea can spread to reproductive organs causing pelvic inflammatory disease

for men

- sometimes infertility

- It can affect the prostate

- Can scar the urethra making is difficult to urinate