Gold festival!

This festival is worth more than gold

Greetings from the president.

Welcome people of the piedmont this year is the 1 time we are going to do a gold festival look at all the cool stuff we have at the gold festival . There is a rest place were you can rest and drink water. Have a good time and have fun.
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Kyira the promoter

The promoter made the slogan and invited congressmen meadows and other congressmen. I want to say, welcome to the first annual gold festival! I hope you come because its awesome.

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alex the police

weAs the public safety we will have police men fire department .we are going to put cameras in each conner.

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There will be lots of food like popcorn fries and lemonade and soda.

jentzen the entertainer

there's goning to be rock and roll country music and a stop to make your car wheels golden.spray your car golden and make it all just solid gold!make your seats golden make your mortar golden.make the roof of your car golden.It will be real gold EVERYWHERE!

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Jessica facilities

There are bath rooms around every corner and baby changing tables to and there are food/ drink also games you also wen toys when you wen the games also free baby wipes

also sun tane lotion also baby lotion and it is free.

Jolena the ambassador

An ambassador welcomes poeple to a festival to get people interested.Also I make them feel welcome i give them stuff that advertises the festival! and give you pins that says ''Gold festival''. Also i give a speech about the festival and how long it has been around and how long we have been doing it for.