Fresh Diet

by Austin Sisk

What are the claims made for this diet?

eat healthy and fresh foods you will love and lose weight at the same time.

What facts have you learned, from the text and elsewhere that might make you suspicious of these claims?

There are only 9 testimonials on the web sight and I would like to see more to be more confidant the diet works.

What can you eat and what is forbidden or limited?

-You can eat the food they ship you.

-You cannot eat unhealthy and un fresh food with preservatives.

How does it compare to the food pyramid

It has all the food groups for you to eat in a fresh healthy way.

Why might people who want to lose weight be particularly vulnerable to promises and claims of this diet?

They can lose 30 pounds and eat tasty foods delivered to them.

What might some long term health issues if someone was on this diet for an extended period of time?

No long-term heath hazards due to the fact that the food is healthy for you.

Add any other important pieces of information you feel are important.

It may be hard for people who are used to eating fast food to make the change to constantly eat this food.