The First 20 Days

What does the LPAC need to do?

LPAC Training offered at Region 7

The following Beginning of Year LPAC trainings are being offered at Region 7:

Testing and Identification of New Students

As you begin planning the testing and identification process for new or transferred ELL students in your district, keep in mind the following guidelines.

For students new to Texas schools

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If the student’s ability in English is so limited that the administration at his/her grade level of the reading and language arts section of a TEA-approved norm-referenced instrument or other test approved by TEA is not valid, document this information on the assessment and in the LPAC minutes. 19 TAC §89.1225 (f) (2c) For example: When asking the student to provide their name the student is unable to understand the question therefore, do not proceed with the full test administration. Maintain documentation of the attempted exam documenting name of test administrator, date, and question(s) asked.

List of Approved Tests for Assessment of English Language Learners

The complete list of tests that may be used for Identification are on the following link: Identification (pdf).

Approved Norm Referenced Standardized Achievement Tests

Note: The Norm-Referenced tests for new 2-12 grade students (new to Texas) must be one of the following that are listed on pages 7-8 of the List of Approved Tests (see the screenshots below). Tests that are used for Oral Language Proficiency testing, such as IPT or Woodcock Muñoz may not be used as a Norm-Referenced Test.

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Identification of Students Transferring from another Texas District

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The LPAC Meeting

To view examples of LPAC meetings, click here: LPAC Vignettes

PEIMS Entry Dates

There are two distinct entry dates in PEIMS for new English Learners (also known as ELLs). See the slide below from the LPAC Framework Power Point. The date the LPAC identifies the student as LEP (based on identification assessment data) is the LEP date in PEIMS. The date the parent signs the approval for Bilingual or ESL Services is the program start date, which is also the eligibility date for ELL funding.
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Home Language Survey

Starting with the 2017-18 school, responses to both questions on the Home Language Survey will be recorded in PEIMS ( the language spoken at home and the language spoken by the student). Any student that is identified as ELL (LEP) must have a home and/or student language code that is not English recorded on the Home Language Survey and in PEIMS.

Don't forget to finalize Exit paperwork for eligible students

Remember to finalize the LPAC paperwork (if not already complete) for students whom the LPAC determined were eligible to exit at the end of the past school year pending STAAR results. The exit date in PEIMS should be the last business day before the 2017-18 school year begins. The First Year monitor (F) date in PEIMS is the student's first day of enrollment for the current year. See the slides below regarding this process.
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