The Road So Far

Hannah Witty

All About Me

In the various short paragraphs you read below you'll learn basic trivia about myself. Most of which are just my interests and hobbies but some also include my lifestyle and values. Enjoy!

My Hobbies and Interests

My hobbies and interests are pretty usual for someone of my age. I enjoy reading and drawing. I also enjoy the skill of playing flute and piccolo in the marching band. My interests don't stray much farther, they only include various TV shows (Sherlock, Doctor Who, Supernatural, The Adventures of Merlin, etc, etc.)

Brain Orientation and Personality Type

My personality type is () this means that I'm a rather closed off person. I don't favor socializing and often or not I avoid it like the plague. However going along with that I am left brain orientated (My right side physically, ex. Right Handed) this means I am an organized person and I do not usually enjoy unexpected situations.

Self Esteem and Values

My self esteem is that of an average person. I don't think overly highly of myself for I am not a narcissist. However I think of myself as balanced and humble. My values include my religion, my family, and my TV shows.

My Future Career and Information about said Career

My future career is going to be some form of teacher. While I enjoy English as my favorite core class I haven't decided what I will teach. Teaching is helping various people differing on race, age, and etc, about whatever topic including the basics. These usually include: English, Science, History, and Math.

My Lifestyle and Who I Am

My lifestyle is pretty lazy. I often don't do much except for school and the occasional outing with a friend. I'm not very social-able unless I know you, If I don't know you, I'll avoid socializing like the plague.