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October 2015

October is a busy month for North Duncanville! We have quite a few important dates to remember! The PTO meeting is Tuesday, October 20th and Report Cards go home on the 23rd! Don'f forget to ask your parents for money, the Book Fair will be here next week. It will be held October 19th - 23rd. Parent/teacher conferences will be held October 27th and Red Ribbon week is the week of the 26th. Also, dont forget to participate in BOOK CHARACTER DAY ND Elementary and PINK OUT DAY ND Middle School!

By, Shakayla Donnell



I am so sorry Texas Rangers Fans! They lost to the Toronto Blue Jays and will not advance to the 2nd round of the playoffs. The Cowboys lost too! They fell to the New England Patriots this past Sunday. It was brutal! Luckily, this week they have a bye week, but take on the NY Giants October 25th.



Our Girls have a record of 3-5 after their loss last night to the Harmony Tigers. Get them next time girls!!! We are cheering for you!


The football team has a record of 2 wins and 3 losses! Tomorrow the Flag Football team plays their last game against Advantage Grand Prairie at 10:15 AM.Lets go EAGLES!


Soccer tryouts begin Oct 26th!!

By, Michael Smith

The Newest F5 Member Corean Conely

If you've got questions, this guy has answers! Corean is our advice columnist. Yes, you too teachers, ask him anything, and he will get the answer! Remember, its OK to remain anonymous. There will be an "Ask Corean" box located in the front office starting Monday!
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The RANDOM Report

Last week, Downtown Dallas looked like HOLLYWOOD! They were shooting "11/22/63." Yeah! that is the name of the movie! That’s the made-for-Hulu adaptation of Stephen King’s novel about a Maine high-school English teacher who, in 2011, time-travels to Dallas on Nov. 22, 1963, to stop Lee Harvey Oswald from killing President John F. Kennedy. Dallas is also the place that the movie, "Carter High" was filmed and where the true story happened many years ago! Its pretty cool to see things happening in our city!

By, Yesenia Limon

THE EAGLE EYE Investigative Report

Last week someone stole candy from Mrs. Wardlaw, 5th Grade Elementary Math Teacher's, classroom. There was a team of investigators on the trail of the culprit, but, they were unable to locate a suspect. While the case is still open, there is a reward for anyone with information about this crime.

By, Stephanie Rosas