the trustworthy

by emily

about me

I am the youngest of the family. So that means no one believes me which is very frustrating. When I told Peter,Susan,and Edmund that I went to Narnia every one started to laugh and thought I was joking. That got me really mad. I was very serious about what I had just said. Then Edmund went to go see. He went to Narnia but instead of saying he went. He lied and said me and him were pretending that this imaginary country was real and that he went. That got me so furious that I wanted to scream.

When i hear aslans name

When I hear Aslan's name i feel the feeling when you wake up in the morning and you realize it is the beginning of a holiday.

Father christmas

When Father Christmas gave me my gift I felt very powerful and excited. I got healing spray and a dagger to protect myself. I wondered why Father Christmas said I wasn't going to fight in the battle. Maybe he thought that I was too little.

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