Canada in 2060

Get to know more about the future Canada! XD

2060? isn't that too far? Do you have any proof?

I know.. no one is not going to know about how it is going to be like in year 2060. I mean, who knows? However, I am able to make predictions with the information of Canada now. I am going to be writing about the culture of Canada in later 2060.

  • Their immigration process,
  • Demography,
  • And first nations people in Canada.



Did you know.. most immigrants that come to Canada now are from China, India, and Philippine. In this year, 2015, Canada will most likely to welcome between 260 000 and 285 000, new permanent residents. ( I think that is a lot! )

The 2015 Immigration of Canada, supports the government’s economic growth strategy by addressing labour and skills shortages, and also reuniting families sooner. The economic immigration category will account for the largest segment, at almost 65% of overall admissions.

Canada benefits from having a large number of economic immigrants because the government of Canada is committed to strengthening the immigration system to make it truly proactive, fast, and efficient in a way that will sustain Canada's economic growth and deliver prosperity to the future.

The remaining 35% are consist of family class immigrants, refugees and others admitted under humanitarian programs.

Pull Factor: Canada, like many other destination countries, offers educational opportunities not available in some other countries.

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As we learn in the information before, what do you think about the future?

will it be better? HMM..?


Well, According to the high-growth scenario, the Canadian population would go from 33.7 to 63.8 million in 2060. As a result of stronger immigration than in the medium-growth scenario as well as higher life expectancy and, above all, fertility moving closer to the replacement level, this scenario shows an increase that is not only continual but also strong until the end of the projection period. The average annual growth rate would decline slightly to 11.9 per thousand in 2060.

I think countries that will immigrate to Canada in 2060 probably will be Indonesia or Pakistan.. (one of the push factor: not safe and not strong rules from its government) I believe there will be no more large number immigrants from India nor China. Because I know they will realise it soon that what they're doing (especially to women) is wrong, and try to change.

Let's watch a Video!!! XDD

Okay so..what i like from this video is how they show the pull factors they got from Canada (education) and the push factors from China (poverty).

  • They gave an example of a teenager that immigrated to Canada lately and how they like it here in Canada.

  • Sure all immigrants also go through the intervening obstacles such as trouble of language. They also mentioned the

  • Pros and cons of leaving their home country and
  • Coming to a whole new amazing country.
Chinese migration to Canada



Canada's current birth rate is 10.29 births/1,000 population. Meanwhile Canada's current death rate is 8.31 deaths/1,000 population.

What do you think? A lot? I honestly don't know..

On July 1, 2014, Canada's population was estimated at 35,540,400, up 386,100 or 1.1% over the last year

  • Natural increase in Canada is 2.41
  • Net migration rate of Canada is 5.66/1000 population
  • Population growth rate of Canada is 0.76%

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Thinking about the future again, At one senior to eight working-age persons, the proportion of seniors in Canada was less than in many other industrialised countries as this century began. But in coming decades, the Canadian population will age more rapidly as baby boomers — those born in the two decades after World War II — reach the age of 65.

  • By 2026, some 8 million Canadians, one person in every five, will be 65 years or older (mostly 20-64 years old).
  • By 2050, seniors may number 10 million, roughly 25 percent of the projected population.

First Nation


First Nations are various Aboriginal people in Canada who are neither Inuit nor Metis/

Group of Aboriginal people who share the same culture and heritage.

  • About 851,560 people identified as a First Nations, representing 61% of the total Aboriginal population and 3% of the total Canadian population.

  • Many First Nations people lived in Ontario and the western provinces

Half of status First Nations children in Canada live in poverty, a troubling figure that jumps to nearly two-thirds in Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

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As you heard, Aboriginal people is the first people who lived in Canada.

To think ahead to 2060, there is a big chance First Nation people will be forgotten. Now, all people think is about technology.. How about 35 years later? Robots?

There may be some people that encourage Canadians to remember and bring back the first nation's culture. But aren't we too busy on our own "modern" culture?

We know that Aboriginal's clothing and culture are unique. But it is too unique that we think it's old fashioned compare to our cloth and culture now.

People keep thinking that, which can led to:

  1. Decrease in knowingness of their native language
  2. Losing interest in their cultural beliefs; etc.

and automically, it will disappear in 2060 or maybe sooner.

Listen to my voice :)

Here I am talking about how my life will be different in 2060, Canada. when I will be 60 years old (ugh..I'm so old -__-)

How is it different with the life my parents living now.

Sorry for my broken Grammar.

The picture in my audio represents me NOW and me in the next 35 years.

Keiji Kay

My life in Canada 2060 ^o^ by Keiji Kay

Merci Beaucoup

Now guys, that concludes my smore.

  • Always remember the immigration of Canada; there will be more educational immigrants coming to keep Canada a better place.
  • Birth rate will either go up or normal and there will be less death rate.
  • Have respect of First Nations culture, religious, and language. Don't forget it our native language.

But not to worry Canada in 2060 will be better, I promise. I'm sorry for my wrong grammar. and more importantly, i hope you have enjoyed my informations and predictions.

May we meet again :D