The Usher Mansion


Looking to own the scariest mansion in town? Look no further.

If you are interested in living without the constant bother of people approaching your property, the house of Usher is perfect for you.

For sale now $2,700,000


The house was built by the Usher's and has belonged to the Usher family for generations. The most recent owner of the mansion was a Roderick Usher who died at the hand of his sister as she took her last breaths. This gives the perfect story to tell your annoying neighbors who keep asking to come over for dinner. This house was featured in the short story "The Fall of the House of Usher" by Edgar Allen Poe giving the house historical significance.

For only $2,700,000 this is a STEAL!


The doors have been known to blow open during storms, sometimes dramatically revealing something (or someone). Both of the former occupants were afflicted by serious mental diseases.


This flyer was created by Kyle Zbornik.