Chick Genes

by Jason C., Afsar T., Tina L., Lauren B.

Background information

We were given a task: to find the possible parents of a baby chick, his phenotype was a yellow body type, feathered tail (brown, downward), and wings lined with brown feathers.

How will we find this chick's Mother and Father you ask? Simple since we know there are only 2 possible breeds we will have to distinguish between the Araucana and the Phoenix breeds so see what matches this Chick

Araucana Theory

If our Chick was Araucana then, most likely it would probably posses the homozygous recessive genes or heterozygous, for the ear tufts because if it was homozygous dominate then it would die quickly because homozygous dominate ear tufted chickens are born with mortality(the state of being subject to death). If the Chick was heterozygous, then it would be developing ear tufts, which it isn't, but that could be wrong mainly due to that fact that the chick is still very undeveloped.

Phoenix Theory

If our Chick was of the Phoenix Breed then, that would explain the early tail growth since Phoenix male Chickens are well known for having long impressive tails, that tells us that it is a Y-linked Gene since it only occurs in males, other traits like combs for example, are not yet developed in our chick.


Our Chick have a high percentage that of the father was of the Phoenix breed, because of the tail our chick possesses, but since our chick is friendly, that means the father must have a heterogygous gene for non-friendlyness, and the mother to be Aracanda since our chick was friendly.