George Orwell

Author Study

Isa Anthony

George Orwell was born on June 25th of the year 1903 in Motihari, Bengal Presidency. Orwell did not really know his father well until he retired in the year 1912 and described him as being dull and conservative. As a child, he often got sick with colds or the flu. Orwell's first published writing was a poem in the local paper in the year of 1914. He attended school at Eton. His first major work, Down and Out in Paris and London in the year 1933 at the age of 30. Once he began publishing, George started using the name George Orwell as opposed to his birth given name (Eric Arthur Blair). The year after publishing his first major work, Orwell published Burmese Days in 1934. He had some hardships and financial issues, which is not uncommon with up-and-coming authors. To support himself, Orwell took on all sorts of writing work. George Orwell is most famous for his books 1984 as well as Animal farm. A lot of his work revolved around his opinions and issues with the government. Though George was very successful as a writer, he had few friends. Those friends generally shared similar views, background, or education.