the Best of the Thirteen Colonies

A History

King Charles II granted William Penn a charter for the colony of Pennsylvania because he was close with Penn's father. Penn had two goals for his colony:

1. to establish a place for Quakers to practice freely

2. to make money

He accomplished both.

William Penn was an egalitarian so his colony had no clergys and women were allowed to vote and be involved with decision making which was very radical in those times.


The charter of privileges is "a colony that permits religious freedom, the consent and participation of the governed, as well as other laws pertaining to property rights." Also known as Pennsylvania's government. It's pretty liberal compared to all the other colonies which is always a plus. You get to practice your religion or none.


Pennsylvania is in between colonial New England And Virginia. It is fertile land which is why it's a "bread basket" colony. Wheat, corn, and livestock do really well. Excellent if you're looking to farm. Pennsylvania also has the Delaware River that spills into Philadelphia Port which is one of the busiest ports. The port is busy because it's in a great location for Trans Atlantic trading. Pennsylvania also has natural resources like iron ore and lumber which helps boost up industry like ship building. You get the best of both worlds living here.