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Where Are Rain forests?

Rain forest are located near the equator. 57% of the worlds rain forests are in Latin America, 33% are in Brazil, the rest are in South East Asia and Pacific Islands and West Africa.
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Whats the Climate?

The Rain Forests climate is very humid because there is 250 cm of rain per year. The Rain Forests has a lot of rain because it is very wet and hot. This type of climate is typically found near the equator.
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Animal Life

Three animals in the food web of the rain forests are Tigers, Chimpanzees and Red Eye Tree Frogs.

Tigers have strips which act as camouflage. They also have a sense of hearing so sharp they are capable of hearing infra sound.Tigers are largest of all big cats. Tigers mainly eat deer, wild pigs, water buffalo, antelope, and hares. There is only about 4,500 to 4,000 tigers left in the wild.

Chimpanzees are very smart animals that have been seen making tools. Some of the tools includes, weapons, hammer and anvil like tools and termites fishing. They communicate with a wide range of calls and gestures. Chimpanzees are not monkeys but they are great apes. They are our closest living relatives. We share 98% of their DNA.

Red Eyed Tree Frogs developed vivid scarlet eyes to shock predators. They use a technique to scare away potential predators. They do this by flashing their red eyes and revealing their bright blue and orange flanks and huge webbed orange feet. During the day these frogs mostly sleep. The frogs have very strong suction cup pads on their fingers and toes that make them very agile climbers.

Plant Life

Three type of plant life in the rain forest include, Venus Fly Traps, the Strangler Fig and Bromeliads.

Venus Fly Traps open their mouths up wide and have sensitive hairs that trigger their mouth so when a bug goes by they know when to bite down to eat. Venus Fly Traps only make 4 to 6 catches until the turn brown and wither away.

Strangler Figs start in the trees to get get sunlight in nutrients because in the ground there is too much competition for nutrients and water. Figs are often the only remaining plants after forest cleaning because once the Figs are knotted around the tree they are often shunned by loggers.

Bromeliads have stiff, overlapping leaves which hold rainfall like buckets which is where they get their water. Brazil is home to the most species of bromeliads. Most only bloom once in their life