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Meet Comfort who turned thirty-three this year. She gave birth to a total of ten children with only eight surviving. The youngest of these children is just three months old. Comfort and her family live in a remote village called Cotton Tree in Liberia, West Africa.

The village is located in the middle of a forest. It takes approximately five hours to find any semblance of a vehicle (taxi), basic facilities such as healthcare or school buildings. All of the children were born at home in a two bedroom shack without medical attention to include their being no medical follow-up for the mother. Sadly, no one in the family have ever been to a doctor.

The eldest son was asked about their education status and why weren't they in school. He proceeds in mentioning that neither he nor his siblings has had the opportunity to sit in a class room for reasons such as: 1) to many children 2) their father does not have the resources to send them and 3) the distance.

It may seem so menial to those of us living in an Industrialized country. But to those going through it, its a horrible burden to bare. We can no longer turn away, 'poverty' do not exists.


I'm happy to announce that as of August 1, 2013, we'll be opening our new office doors in Monrovia, Liberia, West Africa.

International Office: Monrovia - Liberia, West Africa

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Joining Forces

BFF is in collaboration with International Men's Day to be observed in (70) Nations on 11/09/2013. The working theme, "Keeping Men and Boys Safe". I have been selected to serve as Coordinator to Liberia. Liberians and Liberian organizations and institutions will be welcome to participate (2013).

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