How To Ask For A Raise

Orlando Delgado

Be Polite

- Do not approach in an aggressive way demanding a raise

- Say "please" and "thank you"

- Give reasons as why you think you deserve a raise

- Be confident

- Be realistic with your request

What if the answer is "no" ?

- Be understanding

- Ask for the reasons as why you cannot get a raise

- Do not get upset, maybe you just need more time on the job and you can ask again

- Be sure to thank them for their time and show that you still have a positive attitude

"why do you want this raise" ?

- Give good reasons

- Be prepared with good ideas and reasons

- Think about why you deserve it. Maybe you work hard, long hours, have been there a while, or need the money.

- Be sure to be confident while giving reasons

- You are trying to convince your boss

Coop Workers Program; "how to ask for a raise" assignment