My North Christmas

My family community

My Christmas goes something like this, my dad, my brother, and I go up to North Dakota to see my dads side of the family. We usually go two days before Christmas and we open our presents Christmas Eve instead of Christmas morning. But before we do any of this, we eat our Christmas meal. After we say our goodbyes we're back on the road again for two hours strait. When we get back to moms house we go to bed and when we wake up there are presents under the tree, and treats in our stockings. My brother and I always get the biggest gifts. I remember that last year my sister came running to our room and yelled IT'S CHRISTMAS I was so excited to here those words and see all the presants under the tree. Even the dog got a stocking with toys and treats. My mom was so happy to see that she got what she wanted for a long time from her sister in Mobil Alabama. After we open our gifts we eat a Christmas breakfast, yes breakfast not lunch breakfast. This all started when I was about five or six.

My Family

My north family is important to me because they are my family, and I like spending Christmas with them and helping them set up the Christmas tree. We have all kinds of different ordiments. Like one ordiment I made, my brother made one, and my dad made one two. After we decorate the tree we eat the Christmas meal. The meal is obviously turkey, ham, stuffing, corn,green beans, greens, and pecan pie and pumpkin pie.
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