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This is a great resource! It shows a visual of 33 inspirational company founders, from the man behind Heinz beans to Steve Jobs this graphic shows that there's more than one path to success. (The only thing I don't like is that it refers to a founder who invented a type of underwear but still a cool graphic take a look)

Upcoming Dates


November 18th-Admin Svcs Principal's meeting

November 23rd-27th Thanksgiving holidays!!

December 2nd-Prin meeting curriculum

December 16th-Prin meeting Admin Svcs begins at 9:00 am (this is changed from newsletter last week that said 10:00 am)


We all try to work from a point of purpose. You can call it your purpose, your why, your passion, etc. Another way to look at the important things you are doing is to ask "what will be my legacy?" Legacy's aren't created overnight. They are built with everyday habits, carefully examined by those we are entrusted to serve. A legacy can only be named a legacy if those we leave behind claim it as such. It is a pretty powerful charge to ask "what will they say of me when I move on down this trail?" I hope this inspires you to look at what you do everyday a little differently. Be intentional. Focus on the decisions you make that have a lasting impact. Be intentional and remember the seeds you plant will reap a harvest.
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