Think Before You Drink

The Negative Effects Of Alcohol


BAC stands for blood alcohol concentration. The definition of BAC is- the amount of alcohol in the blood- often expressed as the percentage of alcohol in the blood. Factors that affect BAC are: much a person drinks fast a person drinks

3.the body and weight of a person

4. the physical condition of a person

On this flyer are short-term effects of abusing alcohol and affecting you're BAC level.

Muscle Control

You can have trouble walking or talking due to loss of muscle control. Many drunk driving accidents are due to loss of muscle control. So you are putting you and others on the road in harms way. After you drink just because you feel okay doesn't mean you are okay. So, don't drink and drive.


Intoxication is a condition in which a person lacks control over mental or physical abilities as a result of high BAC. One thing that can happen when you are intoxicated is that you can get into a drunk driving accident due to loss in physical abilities. Another thing that can happen because of intoxication is that you can lose your memory due to loss in mental abilities. Intoxication is very dangerous because you can get hurt or even kill yourself in a drunk driving accident. This is also dangerous because if you have loss in mental abilities you can forget where you are and wander off. You might also forget right from wrong. These are all important reasons that you should not drink.


A hangover is the illness a person feels as the body rids itself of alcohol. Somethings that can happen when you have a hangover are nausea, vomiting, physical weakness, headache, rapid heart rate, nervousness, and inability to concentrate. So if you went out the night before and had work you might not make it. If you did make it you would most likely have trouble concentrating so there is a good possibility that you would get fired. So, if you drink you put yourself and your job on the line.

This is a site that offers help to alcoholics. It even gives you steps so that you can try to stop drinking on your own. I think that this would be a great thing for alcoholics to look at because they might be able to help themselves instead of going to a program.

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