BY Sandy

Basic Info

My animal is a zebra. Zebras classification is a mammal. A zebra is a vertebrate which means it has a backbone , the zebra is a warm-blooded mammal. A zebras body covering is fur. The perdarors of a zebra are lions, leopards, crocidies and hyanas. The name of a baby zebra is foal. a zebra moves by its four legs.


The environment of a zebra is in africa. The zebras for is shelter is travcling in groups. It eats mostly grass, bark and shurps, and maybe other stuff. The water source of a zebra islakes and ponds.

Life Cycle

This is a life cycle of a zebra. In this photo is a life cycle of a zebra. First a baby is in the moms tummy. Next a foal or a baby is born. Then the foal eats a lot to of food to grow big. Last the foal is a adult zebra. A zebra is born alive, and grows into the looks of its mom and dad


Zebras live in Africa. One thing that zebras need to survive is there eyes because they need it to look out for perdators. Two is they need there teeth to chew and rip the grass to eat. Three is there ears to hear danger.

Interesting Facts

One interensting fact is thay have flat back teeth to help zebra chew grass, baby zebras have brown strips, they in one place to eat grass, they doze while standing, they sleep on the side, baby zebras squal.

Food Chain

These are some photos of a zebras food chain.