ELA (English Language Arts)

In reading, the essential question Kindergarteners are exploring right now is "Why do readers read?" We are discovering that some of the main reasons are to learn and to have fun! Students are sorting books into two categories: fiction (literary text) and informational text (non-fiction). We will begin to learn about the elements of many fictional text (who/characters, where/setting, what/events). When reading, students are learning to get their eagle eyes and fish lips ready look at the picture and make the beginning sound of the word to help figure out unknown words.

During Writers' Workshop, students are learning about the steps of writing: think of a topic, draw, label and write. As a whole group, we share our topics telling where they were, who they were with and one event that happened. Students then continue onto narrate their stories by illustrating their stories in their journals and then label their picture or write about their story. Writers' Workshop will often end with a few individuals sharing his/her story and taking comments or questions. We have also begun to explore our opinions. Students are learning that an opinion is not right or wrong but how they view or feel about the topic. We began by sorting our candy wrappers into two categories: candy and chocolate. Each student had to share their opinion of which one they liked better and why. I like _________ because...


Our little mathematicians' vocabularies are expanding with words like sorting, number, numeral, digit, greater than/more than, less than/fewer than, equal to, and the list goes on. Right now, the essential question we are focusing on is "Why do we count?" Students are making the connection that we count to find our how many. The kid counter's job is to figure out how many kids are here today. We count on the number line and count cubes to keep track of how many days we have been in kindergarten. Students count lunch cards to figure out how many people are ordering milk, hot lunch or how many kids brought lunch and drink from home.


November 20th - Harvest Celebration (9:15-10:15)

November 26th - Early Dismissal

November 27th - No School HAPPY TURKEY DAY!!!

November 28th - No School