#ELA Bruh

By: Mykenna russo

Um whats a noun phrase?

A noun is a person, place, thing, or even an idea. Next, a phrase is a group of words put together. So a noun phrase is when a noun is in a phrase. For example,

My cat walks slowly.

The noun phrase would be " My cat " because "cat" is a thing, which is a noun.

Um, like whats a verb phrase?

Well a verb is a word showing action and, phrase is, well you know from a noun phrase, but when you mix up the two you get a verb phrase. A verb phrase is when a verb is in the phrase. And if that's confusing here's an example,

The fat pigs eats fast.

The verb is "eats fast" because thats what the pig is doing.

woah bruhh

Hey, dood, do you like know what the 3 articles of the English Language are?

The three articles are A, An, and The.

Ayeeeeee why is "I" a pronoun like for reals?

Pronouns describe nouns, for example instead of saying "Mykenna" or "Jake", I could just say "she" or "he". So therefore, when you are saying a sentence about yourself, you could say "I went to the store" instead of saying " Mykenna went to the store" Furthermore, "I" is a pronoun because it describes you in a sentence and you are a noun because your a person.

Aren't linking verbs and action verbs the same thing?

No their completely different. First things first, I'm the realest. But for real they are not the same, action verbs describe what you are doing in the sentence. Linking verbs connect the subject to the verb. " I walk for awhile." the verb would be "walking" and the subject is "I" but if you use a linking verb, " I have BEEN walking for a while." The linking verb links the verb to the subject and make the sentence better.

well that was easy

Sentences are really easy to learn about, and hopefully i did a good job of teaching them to you, Im out peace!