Re-branding- DEMO


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May 26, 2016

Demo Time:

2:15 PM

Description of task: Re-branding

Re-Branding required few essential skills: It requires advanced computer skills, knowing the software such as InDesign and Photoshop would really be an asset. Attention to detail is a requirement, since mistakes need to be picked out, and to make sure that everything is updated not leaving anything behind.


This task is an important part of my job as a graphic designer, to adapt and change the old brand to a new one and it also shows skills that I have learned and skills that I already had, and it is a fun project. This task is important since the brochure would be sent out to clients and so the old brand needs to be changed since there is new staff that needs to be put onto the brochure so that the old staff is not contacted.

Details of the Activity:

Step 1) Open the file menu

Step 2) Go to the TOW-Common Drive

Step 3) Find the folder (Chehek_Vohra) and open it.

Step 4) Open the Demo_File folder

Step 5) Open the Food Services Brochure InDesign file

Step 6) Edit the master for the front page:

- Top right,Pages, go to master D

- Find the resources in the TOW-Resources common drive

- Find the logo and place it (Use the brand identity guidelines to help)

Step 7) Replace the old logo

Step 8) Remove everything of the master page that seems unnecessary

Step 9) Try to copy finished copy

Step 10) Leave master D and get back to the pages

Step 11) Edit image on front page to black and white

- Right click

- Edit with

- Photoshop

- Adjustments- Exposure/ Black and white

Step 12) Read over written material and fix errors ( grammar, punctuation and spelling errors)

Required Materials

- Computer

- Adobe InDesign software

- Adobe Photoshop software

- Brand Identity Guidelines

Special instructions for CO-OP teacher: NONE

Approved: Date, Time and Activity

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