The Maze Runner

By Luke Ross

by James Dashner

The Setting of this book is inside a big maze of titanium walls that open and shut. These randomly selected people to go into a maze and have to get out alive. "Yes they can get killed in the maze by monsters called Greavers, and some do. This is all in the Future.

Our main Characters

by Luke Ross


The Maze Runner is the best book I have ever read because it creates suspense after every chapter, and it makes you want to read more and more, until you finish the book. The book even a movie made out of it. I like how the text in the book uses big words and they are easy to understand if you have a good vocabulary. The characters are close to my age and I can relate to them. Especially to Thomas, because he is trying to fit in.


There is a place called the Glade which is a giant maze that made of Titanium. It has doors to open and close each night. The kids try their best to find a way out. However, there are monsters called Grievers that stalk them and try to kill them. It takes place in the future after the world is scortched and people are slowly dying of disease because of it. The characters in the story feel trapped and want to escape.

The Theme

A giant machine caused the kids to lose their memory so it could test them to see if they had the will to survive the Maze Trials. "Welcome back," the woman said. "Over two years , and so few dead. Amazing." Thomas felt his mouth dropping, "Excuse me?" Everything has gone along as planned although we expected a few more of you to give up." said the woman.

Conflict and Plot Man v. Man

One day the main protagonist, Thomas, shows up to the Glade and everything goes nuts. Thomas is one of an all-boy group in the maze. They are trying to get out of the maze. Then one day a girl named Teresa shows up. A note on her says that she is the last one to come ever. They start blaming all of these conflicts on Thomas. So they lock Teresa in a dungeon. Then one day, the doors to the maze don’t close and the Grievers, or maze monsters, come into the Glade. They say in the book that they will only kill one person a night. So, Thomas and Teresa decide to go into the maze along with their best friend, Chuck, to solve the maze. They take several others with them. They had to remember the code the maze had given them for two years. They had to punch specific words in a set order into the Griever hive so they could escape. Once they punched in the code, they got a way out! Most of the people died, but Thomas, Teresa and Chuck did make it out along with a few other boys. They finally get out and they are in a lab called Wicked. Then, a glader comes in with some other lady and tries to kill Thomas. Chuck got in the way and was killed instead. A bunch of people dressed in black came in and rescued the kids. They all boarded a bus and drove for two hours. They arrived at a hotel and they gave the gladers a full meal, good night’s rest and new clothes. We are told in the book that their next set of trials will come soon. This book is the first in the trilogy. Read the series and I promise you will not waste your time.
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