Jake C, Connor L


In South Africa, only whites were allowed to have rights. People who were non-whites (blacks, asians etc..) had to be separated, and sometimes imprisoned for the color of their skin. Although the minority, the whites were the most powerful, and controlled the government. The National Party of South Africa was the most influential political party. This was one of the main sources of the beginning of the apartheid. The South African government was a very influential part of the apartheid.


Before the apartheid started, the different races started to form relationships with individuals from other races. But after the apartheid started, these relationships were ripped apart. Although they had similar ideas, the American segregation looked very different from the South African apartheid. For the American segregation, the races were separated into two groups, whites and blacks, but in the apartheid, the groups were formed into different races, for example there were black homes, white homes, and Indian homes. The apartheid separated relationships based on race.


During apartheid, there were many negative impacts and few positive results of white minority rule. One thing that helped end the apartheid was the sport of rugby. While the country was concentrated on rugby matches, and the players on the field, there attention was taken away from the difference of races. When the apartheid was starting to come to an end, one of the main leaders of the movement, Nelson Mandela, was released from prison. Soon after, he was elected as the first president of South Africa. Although the apartheid was a very dark time, there were a few positive impacts after it ended.


After the 1948 election in South Africa, a harsh new system split the country. The English had no name for it, but the Germans and native africans called it Apartheid. Under Apartheid, the germans and english were in constant conflict over political power, but the natives, despite their vast majority, were subjugated into an inferior lifestyle, often in prison camps or ghettos. The system continued until it was finally shut down with the election of Nelson Mandela.


The south african economy suffered heavily from the Apartheid. Before, they had a strong governmental economy, and traded with many other countries. When Apartheid was created, the USA and many other countries placed sanctions on South Africa until it was removed. They even stopped South Africa from participating in the olympics. Though the economy suffered, the white minority lived in luxury, while the native population suffered starvation and prejudice.


When the Apartheid finally was brought to an end, it was because of people who had dedicated their lives to its destruction. People like Nelson Mandela. He was imprisoned for twenty six years, and when he was finally released, he successfully became the present of S.A., and finally brought an end to Apartheid.