Entertainment in the 1920's

Rose Adams

The Roaring 20's meant extra CASH!

The end of WWI meant that people had more money than they did before, and the entertainment industry was looking for it. The workweek was shortened and wages were raised. The Jazz industry was booming, and flappers were popular.


Louis Armstrong

Armstrong was born in New Orleans in one of the poorest sections of town. He began playing the cornet and performed around town. He rose in popularity and began to travel with his music. He was very influential in the world of jazz and added the swing. He is known for his hits "What a Wonderful World", "Hello Dolly", and "Potato Head Blues" to name a few.

Josephine Baker

AKA Freda McDonald was an African American woman actress, and showgirl. She later became very important in Women's Rights and rights for Blacks.

Changes in Entertainment in the 1920's

  • Radios were invented and introduced into households
  • Movies became part of entertainment and people attended an average of one a week.
  • Sound was added to movies in 1927
  • Disney began
  • Sports athletes became stars and celebrities
  • New dances such as the Charleston Foxtrot emerge
Flappers - The Roaring Twenties