PFT Meeting Highlights


Here are some highlights from last night's PFT meeting (Thanks Tammy and Teresa for braving the traffic)

1. Sign up for PFT text alerts
Message = PFT3

2. Next year evaluation hinges on test scores 9/13
Just learned - it was reduced from 50 to 30% of salary but they haven't worked out details because not every teacher is involved with PSSA

3. Pensions are at risk - when asked to contact your legislator - take it seriously

4. There are 15,000 PFT members
Need to get involved & informed . Can't wait until contract ends

5. Negotiations for new contract will begin 1/13
Everything gets put back on the table.
Nothing is guaranteed (Prep, Senior Career, Health Care choices...)

6. Dr. Hite will roll out his plan in the New Year

7. Support PCAPS, a community based partnership tying to work with us to avoid school closings and stem tide of budget cuts

8. Town Hall Meeting (PCAPS) closest to us is Nov 1 at Myers Rec Center. Info in TL and on


PS Site Selection Vote on 10/25 at 8AM - it only takes a minute. We will be at the desk outside room 8