Leap of Faith

Anne Scraff

Story Elements

Leap of Faith takes place in a neighborhood during the present. the main conflict in this story is Ernesto Sandoval is trying to become senior class president, and he has to prove he's worthy for that, so he helps kids and their families to have a better life, and always try's to do the right thing.
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Character Analysis

The main character is Ernesto Sandoval. Three words to describe the main character are caring, helpful, and unselfish. The character is motivated by his father, because he wants to be more like him by helping people. another character that motivates Ernesto is his girlfriend Naomi she always tells him to do the right thing. I like Ernesto, because he's always trying to help people and he cares about others. The relationship between Ernesto and Paul Morals is they are really good friends, because Ernesto got him back in school and his father got Paul a job.
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The theme of this novel is you shouldn't judge people, instead you should help them become a better person. one example is that Ernesto thought Cruz robbed a thrift store, because he was running away. another example is Ernesto thought Cruz shot a cashier in the head, when it was some psychopathy. a third example from the book is Ernesto saved his girlfriend Naomi from being kidnapped. A final example that supports the theme is , Ernesto and his father help kids get back in to school.
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I rate this novel a 8. I gave this book this rating, because it is a good book but it has too many characters that are important. Teens can relate to this novel, because most teens have families that aren't that rich and they resort to criminal activities like most characters in the book.
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